“It has been a great pleasure in having PKF Chartered Accountants (PKF) as our Auditors and though the quality and richness of our relationship cannot be described in a few words, the following would be an apt testimony of Team PKF’S support and contribution to Bhatia Traders standing in the corporate world.

For over three decades, PKF have not only been our Auditors but a guiding force whereby its valuable inputs and foresight on global and regional economic and industry outlook have helped us evolve as a force to reckon with in our business domain. Team PKF’s fiercely independent approach, whilst been professionally objective, has ensured that our audited financial statements qualitatively reflect the best in class standards desired by all our stakeholders including global banks and financial institutions.

Team PKF’s advanced guidance on changes in host of global and local legislations and laws have also helped us mitigate our risks and positioned us strongly as a compliant organization. Any guidance or inputs that have been sought by us on any matter, be it business strategy or changes in accounting standards, that have may have implications on business have always been addressed on utmost priority.

Team PKF has been and will continue to be an integral part of our global Journey as we transcend borders and consolidate our leadership position.”
Best regards