The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has recently issued VAT public clarification VATP038- Manpower vs Visa Facilitation Services. The key areas covered in the said public clarification are:

  • Supplies qualifying as Manpower services;
  • Value of supply for Manpower services;
  • Supplies qualifying as Visa Facilitation services;
  • Value of supply for Visa Facilitation services;

For ease of reference, we have summarized below the key areas:

A. Supplies qualifying as Manpower services:

  • The identification/recruitment/hire of candidates and making such employees available to any customer would, generally, be regarded as a taxable supply of manpower
  • Under Manpower services, the supplier is generally responsible for all the employment obligations including payment of salaries and other benefits.

The supplier would also be generally responsible for supervision and control of such employee.

B. Value of supply – Manpower services:

The consideration for supply of manpower includes the full amount received or expected to be received from the customer that is either:

    • recharged to the customer by the supplier (i.e. additional costs relating to the provision of manpower services), or
    • directly paid to the employees by the customer (i.e. salaries, wages, and employee benefits)

C. Supplies qualifying as Visa facilitation services:

A supply would qualify as a supply of Visa facilitation services if all the below mentioned requirements are met:

Condition Explanation
Corporate group requirement
  • The facilitator and customer must be part of the same corporate group, but are not part of the same tax group. (Supplies are disregarded in case facilitator and customer are part of same tax group).
  • Corporate group refers to companies operating within the same corporate structure, which includes common ownership of the companies in line with Article 9(2) of the Executive Regulation of UAE VAT Law which outlines relationship from economic, financial, and regulatory aspects.
General business activity should not be supply of manpower services
  • The facilitator’s business activities should not include the supply of manpower.
  • The term “business activities” is not limited to the activities stated on the Facilitator’s commercial or trade licence, and activities listed as part of its VAT registration, or any internal documentation.
  • If the facilitator supplies any manpower services to any person, this condition would not be met.
Employee obligations
  • The facilitator should not be responsible for any of the obligations related to the employees for example payment of employee’s salary and other monetary benefits, provision of medical insurance and accommodation, etc.
  • The facilitator’s obligations should be limited to incurring the cost relating to obtaining the employment visa.
Employment, supervision, and control by the Customer
  • The facilitator should sponsor these employees to exclusively work for, and under the supervision and control, of the customer.
  • In case the employee performs his/her work duties for the Customer in addition to other companies in the corporate group, this condition would not be met.


D. Value of supply – Visa facilitation services:

  • The consideration for the supply of visa facilitation services-
Inclusions Exclusions
Recharge of expenses such as-

  • typing fees,
  • medical tests
  • issuance of employee Emirates IDs.
  • employee’s salary,
  • annual flight allowance and
  • any other monetary benefits

Above are Customer’s obligations


  • Special valuation:

  • Value of Supply – Related parties:
    • If the Facilitator charges a fee that is less than market value and the Customer is not entitled to full input recovery, the value of supply is the market value of the supply.
    • If the Facilitator charges the Customer a fee that is equal to the market value of the supply, the fees charged would be regarded as consideration for the taxable supply of services
  • Value of Supply – No fee is charged:
    • If the Facilitator provides the visa facilitation services to its customer for no charge, the supply would constitute a deemed supply, unless one of the relevant exceptions applies.
    • If the Facilitator recovered any input VAT to supply the visa facilitating services, the Facilitator will be required to account for the output VAT due based on the total cost incurred to make the supply, including direct and indirect costs.

 PKF Comments:

  • FTA has provided a clear distinction between Manpower Services and Facilitation of Visa services.
  • If any of the specified requirements for Facilitation of Visa services are not met, such supply will be regarded as supply of Manpower Services.
  • The mechanism for valuation of both categories of taxable services i.e. Manpower and Visa Facilitation Services is clearly specified and VAT would accordingly require to be applied on the same.
  • Considering FTA has released the document as Public Clarification, the same would be applicable since introduction of VAT in UAE. Resultantly, Tax payers need to carefully assess and ascertain that the subject taxable supplies have met with correct VAT applicability in all the previous tax period, particularly keeping in mind the specified valuation rules which may lead to variation in tax base on which VAT would have been discharged, if any.

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