Operating and Accounting Systems and Procedures Reviews in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

The need for and the significance of having efficient and cost-effective systems that allow adequate control and produce accurate and timely results, cannot be emphasised enough. Proper documentation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) relating to accounting and other key business areas in a crisp and user-friendly manner is increasingly gaining due recognition across business communities.

A detailed systems and procedural study can highlight those areas of operations that result in procedural or systems inefficiencies or lack of control and, often, discover practices few in senior management were aware of. Such studies when converted into a manual can play an important role in achieving the business objectives of an organisation. It significantly improves the “response time” of the employees, internal quality of work and the timeliness and quality of management information. This ultimately translates into an enhancement of the quality of goods and services provided by the organisation, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our experience across a wide range of industries enables us to provide clients with valuable views on the procedures, systems, control and processes that should be in place and documented within an organisation whilst ensuring that they fit with the overall business philosophy. The reports and manuals that we produce are clear, concise and simple to refer to in any given situation. They form one of the foundations on which day to day actions and reactions to business situations are based.

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