Mergers and Acquisitions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

With the change in business environment and competitive landscape, businesses may look at mergers and acquisitions as long term strategic moves to foster future growth or to make the most of available synergies. A merger or an acquisition, usually is a fairly long drawn and time- consuming project and can involve significant time and effort from senior management and finance professionals within the organisation. Identifying or understanding the target, structuring or negotiating the deal, reviewing the documentation or assessing an appropriate price – all these would need a thorough understanding of various aspects of business and business ecosystem.

Having an experienced financial adviser as a part of your merger or acquisition team can be a great asset to the organisation. He brings past experience of crafting deals to the table, lends an independent frame of mind, and takes much of the transaction load off the shoulders of senior management.

PKF UAE has a team of senior professionals, some with more than 25 years of experience in the UAE and regionals markets. We have anchored and executed a number of mergers and acquisition deals for our clients. We have extensive contacts in the corporate and investor fraternity and are therefore in a position to source potential targets. Moreover, when combined with related services of due diligence, financial projection preparation, business valuation, corporate structuring and fund raising, PKF UAE can provide a powerful “full-service” merger and acquisition package.