Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

Joint ventures (JV) have been a popular choice for companies intending to gain access to markets, technology, capital and other know-how. Having said that, selecting the right company to get into a JV relationship with can prove to be a tough deal. A wrong choice of partners or a poor execution in crafting the way forward can have a detrimental impact on the JV organisation. Before confirming a relationship, both parties have to clearly understand each other’s culture, commercial aims and operational strengths and weakness, thereby increasing the chances that the marriage holds good and can accomplish the goals of the JV.

PKF have been instrumental in forging many joint venture and strategic alliance relationships. Our immense experience in the UAE, GCC and at the global level enables us to identify and introduce appropriate potential joint venture partners. We are also well versed with the art of strategic alliance consulting, and the various issues that can arise in negotiating these agreements and management and shareholder agreements, which can often make or break the deal.

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