Offshore Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

Setting up a company in an offshore jurisdiction works out to be an ideal option if reduction of taxes by legal means, planning for inheritance and estate taxes, protection of assets and ensuring confidentiality are some of your key considerations. Large transnational companies, smaller businesses looking at expanding their business in the Middle East region, or start-up businesses can access tax treaties through companies incorporated in tax-efficient offshore financial centres.

Selection of an appropriate offshore centre that suits the requirements of your business is fundamental to any offshore structure used in a scheme of tax planning or asset holding. Taking a well-informed decision at the initial stage, in consultation with qualified advisers, ensures that your company is built on a strong foundation.

Our extensive experience of creating and reviewing business plans ideally places us to advise on the suitability of using offshore financial centres as a part of your long term financial planning. We have long-standing relationships with all the important offshore centres, ensuring that you receive a fast, responsive and efficient services to assist offshore company setup in Dubai and across the region.

Our teams are continually updated of any changes in legal requirements, and that allows us to offer you cost-effective value-add outsourcing company secretarial service. This ensures timely compliance with regulations, avoidance of fines and an overall reduced administrative cost.

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