Success Stories

" data-name="Krishnan Ramachandran">
Krishnan Ramachandran
CEO, Barjeel Geojit Securities LLC

“What stands out for PKF is their ability to understand the nuances of our business, which enhances the overall quality of the deliverables and the actionable areas for further improvement. This is a clear reflection on the quality of people that engage with us. We see PKF as an extension of our company and not just a service provider”

" data-name="Richard Price">
Richard Price
Regional Finance Director, Asia/MENA, Ed Broking (Asia) Pte Limited , Singapore 049483

“Ed Broking (MENA) Limited has engaged PKF as its internal auditors since 2015. We find them responsive, professional and they have always delivered on time. Their understanding of our business, our needs and the quality of their work has left us entirely satisfied”

" data-name="Mr. Lothar Hellenkamp">
Mr. Lothar Hellenkamp
Chief Executive Officer, Conmix

“It has been very good experience working with PKF for various assignments such as business valuation, feasibility study, etc.

We are impressed by the very professional approach of PKF to understand the requirements of the client and the involvement of senior professionals at various stages of the assignment.

The members of the team are qualified and experienced professionals and they are committed to timely execution of the assignment.

We would recommend PKF to anyone who might require the type of services offered by PKF”

" data-name="Mr. G. Tripathi">
Mr. G. Tripathi
Chief Financial Officer, Al Nasser Industrial Enterprises LLC

“We have, as a diversified group, used the services of PKF Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers, Dubai, UAE on several occasions in the last 10 years including financial projections, feasibility studies and other specialized assignments. We have been very pleased with the timely, efficient and partner led services that we have consistently received along with frank and forthright views on various commercial matters. The varied PKF teams that worked with us brought with them in-depth professional knowledge, rich experience, expertise and attention to detail and which has served us well.

We have no hesitation in recommending PKF’s services to anyone looking for seamless, smooth and professional service from an audit, accounting and consulting firm”

" data-name="Pascal AROULE">
Director, Rio Tinto Sohar logistics LLC,

“We would like to confirm our total satisfaction on the services rendered by PKF team to our company Rio Tinto Sohar Logistics LLC since 2016.

We were looking for a firm who would adhere to our strict industry accounting regulations, policies and best practices. During these past years, we have experienced their quality of work, their professionalism, their high level of detailed communication and their proactive initiatives on our Company’s insight requirements. In fact, they have always exceeded our expectations in the work that they have performed, and we trust them completely the way they have handled all our Company’s accounts.

Choosing PKF due to their knowledge and experience has freed up a lot of time for us to focus on other duties. Their staff are very pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful. We can always reach out to them to get the answers and advices we need. They are a great company to work with and we have never been disappointed”

" data-name="Paul Feldman">
Paul Feldman
Global COO, CdR Capital Ltd, 11 Charles II Street UK, SW1Y 4QU London

“We use PKF as both management accountants in one company and statutory auditors in another. They are a step up from other firms I have used in the UAE acting in a very professional way, meeting some tight deadlines and carrying out the work to a very high standard indeed giving clear reporting which is used by management. They also work and communicate well with the individuals in my firms as well as the other service providers we use in the accounting function. Most importantly they add value, they challenge the numbers, they ask the questions that need asking and they make excellent pragmatic suggestions to us as the managers of the business. Overall they have been an excellent addition to the list of service providers we use in the UAE”