Success Stories

Paul Feldman
Global COO, CdR Capital Ltd, 11 Charles II Street UK, SW1Y 4QU London

“We use PKF as both management accountants in one company and statutory auditors in another. They are a step up from other firms I have used in the UAE acting in a very professional way, meeting some tight deadlines and carrying out the work to a very high standard indeed giving clear reporting which is used by management. They also work and communicate well with the individuals in my firms as well as the other service providers we use in the accounting function. Most importantly they add value, they challenge the numbers, they ask the questions that need asking and they make excellent pragmatic suggestions to us as the managers of the business. Overall they have been an excellent addition to the list of service providers we use in the UAE”

Ms. Richa Bhagnari
CEO, YouFirst

“We used PKF to compile and maintain our accounting records.

Having had challenges in putting a system in place for bookkeeping in the first year, PKF came to our rescue with their comprehensive knowledge and provided us with practical solutions.

The team didn’t treat us as just another client but adhered to our requirements with complete integrity and understanding of our business. They suggested check points in the system to reduce human errors and exercise controls.

The communication, accuracy and timeliness of the PKF team is impressive

We would highly recommend them for all kinds of accounting and payroll requirements”

Mr. Beat Jaeggi
Managing Director, Burckhardt Compression, (Middle East) FZE

“We have had the pleasure of working with PKF since 2009. We could not be happier with the quality of their work, their professionalism, level of communication, and how proactive they are when it comes to understanding of my and the Company’s needs and adding additional insight.

They have always exceeded our expectations in the work that they have performed. We trust them completely to handle all the Company’s needs and requirements and value not only the services they provide but their advice and friendship”

Charles Dalle
Co-Founder, FARMBOX, Dubai, UAE

“We are very pleased with the quality of service and professionalism of PKF Dubai. They always respect the deadlines for the execution of the assignment and provide useful advice. We were especially surprised by their availability and professionalism to answer the financial questions of an auditing company in a due diligence process. We definitely recommend them!”

Dr. Jean Assaad
Managing Director, Flores Valles, Middle East & Africa

“PKF has been our accounting firm ever since we established Flores Valles in Dubai over eight years ago. It stands out above other companies because they have a commitment to really understand what is driving business results and take the time to ask the right questions.

They are professional, experienced, accurate, insightful, always on time, and responsive. Everyone in PKF we have had the pleasure of working with has been incredibly helpful to us.

Our relationship with them has been a total win-win and they have been a valuable asset to our company”

Saeb Elzein
Saeb Elzein, Spinnaker Capital

“Over the past ten years PKF’s quality of work, professionalism of their team members, timely execution of the assignment, technical soundness of the work PKF does and availability of the PKF team members has been solid and consistent, and appreciated”