The UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) aims to launch a New Integrated Platform, ‘EMARATAX’ on 05th December 2022 for all existing ‘E-services’ related to VAT & Excise which aims to enhance the user experience and improve the online tax administration process. The existing ‘E-Services’ web address ( will remain unchanged, while the user interface may change as per the new EMARATAX platform design.  Another interesting aspect is that ‘EMARATAX’ will soon be available as a mobile application.

‘EMARATAX’ integrates with important government agencies such as the UAE Central Bank, Land Department, Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, and national technology-based programs including UAE PASS to streamline user experience.

FTA has briefly stated the procedures on below aspects:

  • Migration from existing to new platform

“Migration to the new platform will commence from 30th November 2022”. If you already have an account with the FTA, your details will be migrated to ‘EMARATAX’. All you need to do is reset your password the first time you login to the new platform. Tax registrant shall keep their login credentials updated on existing FTA portal in order to successfully migrate themselves to new portal.

  • Payments under new EMARATAX platform
    • Alternative 1:

‘EMARATAX’ will generate a unique payment reference number. Tax Payer should always include the unique reference number when making payments using GIBAN. This unique number is used to ensure that payments are accurately allocated against selected liabilities.

    • Alternative 2:

FTA will no longer accept eDirham as a payment method. ‘Magnati Pay’ is new payment gateway. It accepts payments made using any Visa or Mastercard prepaid, debit or credit card. FTA has reduced payment handling charges from 2% to 0.714%. Tax payers are advised to contact their issuing bank to redeem any remaining eDirham balances.

  • Refunds under new EMARATAX platform

Tax payer will now be able to submit one consolidated refund request for all eligible credit balances for each tax type for multiple tax periods. All evidence supporting refund request can also be submitted online together with claim. The process will be real time and tax payer can follow the progress of refund online.


PKF UAE Comments:  The new platform is aimed at improving the user interface and user experience in their tax filings/ tax payments.  It will also be important to carefully see the new platform, after it is launched.  There may be various minute changes, which may require taxpayers’ attention and will need to be taken care of.  Taxpayers will also need to keep track of any update/ communication, that they may receive from the authorities regarding migration from old platform to new platform.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When will EMARATAX Launch?

EMARATAX is launching on Monday 05th December 2022.

  1. What do VAT registered business do now?

Tax Payer should keep monitoring their registered email account for any specific notifications that FTA will send.

  1. Do businesses need to sign up again to access EMARATAX?

If businesses already have a registered account with the FTA, then their account will be transferred to the new system automatically and they do not need to sign up. If you have never been registered with the FTA, then you will need to sign up as a new user.

  1. What will happen to my account history from the legacy system?

Tax Payer’s account history will be automatically transferred to EMARATAX when the system launches.

  1. Will there be any features from the legacy system that will not be available on EMARATAX?

No, EMARATAX will include all the functions that are currently available on existing FTA portal.

  1. How much time will I have to get ready for the new system?

Whilst a number of important improvements have been made to the way business will access and use our systems, FTA is striving to limit the impact on users. FTA would expect that most current users will need to spend approximately 3 hours in preparing for the new system including, updating user account details and watching the “walk through” videos FTA have published.

  1. In the future, will I be able to retrieve notifications received from the FTA?

Yes.  Once EMARATAX goes live, all notifications issued to businesses by the FTA will be available in their account under the “My Correspondence” section.

  1. Will I be able to communicate with the FTA using EMARATAX?

Yes, EMARATAX will enable taxpayers to receive correspondence from the FTA on matters related to their tax affairs.


How can PKF help?

  • Businesses in the UAE must imbibe the new VAT regulations and establish for themselves a tailor-made VAT-oriented business system. PKF UAE brings world-class capabilities and high-quality service to clients helping them to align their working model to government reporting and compliance requirements.
  • Our role as tax advisers include:
    • Assisting in successful Migration form existing portal to new ‘EMARA TAX’ Portal
    • Assisting in giving training to users on new ‘EMARA TAX’ Portal
    • Assisting in understanding the new functions embedded on new ‘EMARA TAX’ Portal
  • With more than four decades of experience, PKF UAE ensures full guidance on how businesses can duly comply with VAT. While the ultimate responsibility and accountability to comply with the law are with the business, PKF UAE can advise at every stage of your business operations. PKF UAE works with an agenda that not only helps your business meet the required VAT standards but also provides inclusive solutions to run the business effectively.


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