Expo 2020 - Businesses in Dubai

Dubai Expo 2020 is likely to be one of the largest events to be hosted in the Middle East Region. Dubai commenced a 365-day countdown to October 2020 when Expo 2020 will begin. The Expo site is spread across an area of 438 hectares. The show is all set to welcome over 190 participating countries and about 25 million visitors over 173 days. With the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, it aspires to become a platform that brings knowledge, innovation, and opportunities for everyone.

Businesses will have the opportunity to connect, collaborate and innovate globally. Expo 2020 is anticipated to have a huge and lasting impact on the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia region as well as the participating nations.

Business Expectations Out of Expo 2020

Traditionally, Dubai has served as an investment hotspot for both small start-ups and major corporations. Expo 2020 will further augment the business opportunities for local entities as well as global businesses participating in the Expo.

The event is the perfect destination for businessmen, entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, tech pioneers, academics and others to interact, learn and inspire. Specific events will be held for businesses where they can meet thousands of regional and international companies, business leaders, policymakers, investors and venture capitalists among millions of other visitors. Investment forums, pitching sessions, corporate gatherings, and inspirational talks will be held encouraging businesses to engage and expand their horizons.

Participation in Expo 2020 will enable businesses to build partnerships and long-term financial stability. The global event is going to serve as a gateway for new markets, offering them the opportunities to develop relationships with countries, organisations and educational institutions.

According to estimates, the event is expected to create up to $35 billion in revenue. In addition, foreign investments, especially in retail, hospitality and real estate are likely to generate $150 billion in Dubai and the wider UAE.

How Will Expo 2020 Impact Your Business?

Since the time Dubai won the bid to host Expo 2020, the emirate’s stock market index has increased by 4%. More than twenty-five million visitors with 70% from other countries will mark the success of the international phenomenon.

The event will attract the best of minds and technologies from a wide range of fields across the world. These will include IT, science, engineering, sales, marketing, finance, construction, travel, and tourism among many others.

While the event is expected to create 100,000 thousand jobs, an enormous wave of talent will be hitting Dubai and the UAE. Hence, businesses will have access to a growing and incoming talent along with the new markets.

The Right Time For Business Set-up

Dubai and the wider UAE is known to be a thriving ground for new business set up. Following the impact of Expo 2020 and increasing end-consumer demand, dozens of business setups are expected across many industries. Some of them will be in hospitality, food, and beverage, medical, e-commerce and retail, travel and tourism, real estate and transportation.

While the event stimulates the supply chain industry further, businesses and entrepreneurs from different sectors will have opportunities to provide goods and services. Given the advantages, many businesses are already preparing their strategies to maximise their service footprint.

In simple words, Expo 2020 is a massive platform for startups and organisations to come forward and set up their businesses.

How Can PKF UAE Help?

UAE will bring manifold opportunities during and after Expo 2020. And hence there is no better place and time to give a kick start to your business. New businesses need to follow a documentation process and legal procedures. So, at this point, we as long-established consultancy firms can guide you through the entire business set up process in a cost-effective and efficient way.

PKF UAE has been assisting local and international businesses set up in the country for decades. From market research, feasibility studies, business set up, company formation to expert business consultation, we provide edge-to-edge assistance. We also due diligence, internal and statutory audit, and other value-added services.

Whether you are a business seeking to maximise the opportunity to connect and expand or an entrepreneur looking to establish a business in the UAE, PKF UAE is here to offer tailor-made solutions for your requirements. Connect with PKF UAE in Dubai Expo 2020.