A Quarterly Newsletter from the UAE and Oman member firms of the PKF International Ltd. network

VOL 19, Issue 4 October 2017



The PKF network continues to grow with significant expansion of the PKF footprint. New member firms include:

  • PKF Tax Consulting Anticic, PKF Forenzika Prima, PKF Knjigovodstvo Prima are new members from Croatia, with offices in Zagreb, Rijeka and Varazdin;
  • PKF Macedonia based in the capital city of Skopje;
  • PKF Azerbaijan in Baku;
  • PKF Bredin McCormack Rewcastle in Dunedin, New Zealand;
  • T.R. Upadhya & Co. based in Kathmandu, one of the top providers of audit, tax, business and financial advisory services in Nepal.

Other movements include:

  • PKF Brazil’s new office in Teresina, Northeast Brazil.
  • PKF Namibia’s merger with Financial Consulting Services, the second largest accounting firm in the country. Having passed the PKF membership requirements, including pre-admission review, the new firm is now officially a member of the PKF family. The firm has rebranded as PKF-FCS Auditors.
  • PKF Frazier & Deeter’s new office in Las Vegas.
  • PKF Zimbabwe’s acquisition of the Bulawayo (second largest city in Zimbabwe) office of KPMG with effect from 1 September 2017. They will take over approximately 15 staff members and the bulk of the local KPMG client base.
  • PKF South Africa’s expanding its footprint by adding TAG Chartered Accountants, in Pretoria. The firm has rebranded as PKF Pretoria. The addition expands the network’s coverage in the Gauteng area, the largest and commercially most important centre in South Africa.