Success Stories

Prasad B Doshi
Executive Director, Unipack Containers and Carton Products LLC., New Industrial Area, Umm Al Thoub, Umm Al Quwain, U.A.E.

“We have an association of more than 25 years with PKF Chartered Accountants in the United Arab Emirates. We have been working with PKF since inception and have enjoyed its wonderful services over the period of our association. We appreciate the efforts put in by the entire PKF team to maintain a warm, helpful and yet professional relationship over the years.”

We are proud to say that the Whole PKF team is Awesome.

Thanks & Best regards,

Suvobrata Ghosh
CFO, Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group (SAPG)

“It has been a wonderful journey with PKF Chartered Accountants for the last 17 years that I am working with Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group. I am aware that the relationship of SAPG with PKF is even older than that. PKF has always been managed by a competent team of professionals. The valuable guidance that we have been receiving from PKF on all commercial & legal aspects has helped us manage our business efficiently. In future also we would like to continue our journey together.”

Murali Krishna
CFO, Lefebvre Engineering FZC

“Since their appointment in 2011 as statutory auditors to Lefebvre Engineering FZC, PKF Chartered Accountants have demonstrated that its audit and assurance services are well planned, efficient and of top quality. All our partners including shareholders, banks, authorities, customers and suppliers are satisfied with our financial reporting and trust PKF. PKF is also very good at complying and meeting deadlines for deliverables. The professionalism and quality of personnel they deploy at the client’s place is very satisfying.

In short, we would not hesitate to recommend PKF to any other company or organization for Audit and Assurance services.”

L. Kristian Petersson
Chairman, KP Confidencia Limited, 3004 Boulevard Plaza 1 | P.O. Box 8377 | Dubai United Arab Emirates

“Our holding company, KP Confidencia Limited, continuously evaluates partners that support its vision. PKF Chartered Accountants has been one of the oldest auditing firms in the UAE that offers diligent, transparent and responsive services to the various companies we have interests in. For 25 years, PKF has been a trusted partner that offers great value.”
Good luck!

Praveen Kumar
Finance Director, Innovation and Insight

“PKF Chartered Accountants (PKF) have been our auditors of choice in the UAE for the professionalism and integrity that they have demonstrated over the years. Innovation and Insight has worked with PKF since its inception and PKF’s advice and services has been outstanding. PKF has assisted our management to take the right decisions and move forward with confidence. PKF’s responsive and qualified professional staff has always had our best interest at heart. We find that PKF represents value for money and offers a highly skilled level of service, providing advice in specialist areas whilst also assisting with our business, finance and taxation matters.”

Ashish Kumar Gupta
Chief Financial Officer, GLAZE Granite & Marble tr. est, Emirates Industrial City, Sajja Sharjah - U.A.E. PO Box No. 24552

“PKF Chartered Accountants have been acting as our statutory auditors and we appreciate their core competency in the fields of accounting and statutory audit. PKF’s solution-oriented approach and expertise in handling complex accounting issues is commendable. PKF has proved to be a valuable partner in our company’s journey and we definitely endorse PKF’s services to all those looking for accounting and audit services.”