A Quarterly Newsletter from the UAE and Oman member firms of PKF International Ltd.

VOL 13, Issue 1 January 2011


Retd. Major General Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Bannai

H.E. Retd. Major General Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Bannai, is the CEO and Board Member of First Security Group retired  with the rank of Major General after 36 years of service. He is a pioneer in the realm of change management and modernization of the police force and his mark is evident through the many achievements realized during his career. One of the Founding Members of the Advanced Dubai Police Apparatus, He has contributed significantly in the development and implementation of the advanced systems promoting the latest cutting edge technology to Dubai Police headquarters and its associates.

H.E. Major General (Retd.) Abdulazia Moihammed Al Bannai represented Dubai Police and the UAE Ministry of Interior in several forums, regional and international in different countries, through conferences, seminars and relevant events.

Honored and awarded numerous Medals and Certificates of Appreciation for his outstanding Leadership, excellence, creativity and encouragement for his key role played in the Police and proper management during his extensive career H.E. Maj. General (retd.) Abdulaziz Al Bannai also holds various positions including, Chairman of Al Bannai Group. Chairman of Al Bannai Investment, Chairman of Axiom Telecom. He is also acting as board member of Maward Finance (PJSC), Board Member of Jebel Ali Cement Factory and Oasis Eagle Trading as also Chairman of UAE Squash Association.

Q. How easy was the transition from the Dubai Police to the First Security Group (FSG)?  

A.: It can be easier to move from wearing a big hat into wearing a smaller hat, but it does not change the importance and responsibility to the task. Regardless of the size of the task it is still something I take seriously. Establishing First Security as a professional company still requires a serious approach as it is dealing with important security issues.

Q. Your diverse body of experience helped in making FSG the premier private security institution in the country.  Can you walk us through process that has made FSG what it is today?

A. Advance planning makes it easier and achievable and is the key to the processes that have led to our growth and market position today. Our experience was born from being part of the First Group to be involved in establish the Dubai Police and providing public services for the security of  the Emirate. So establishing a commercial security company is a normal task for us. The knowledge of the processes and the experience was gained from over 36 years of police service in the various departments

Q. FSG has diversified in various areas like security and safety services, manpower supply services for the hospitality, cleaning and maintenance services for private companies and governmental organisations. What goals and personal values have driven this diversification from your side?

A. Our values are quality based and we have a responsibility to give quality services in many different sectors. We follow the vision of HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid when we opened the company and chose to cover these many related sectors in safety, education and security. We have planned from the beginning to be number 1 in the market and employ professional people with vision in key positions throughout the company. The responsibility is to be number 1 in quality. Through our plans and quality process, if we can achieve only 10% of the vision of what HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid has we would be extremely successful and happy.

Q. How has FSG fitted into the blueprint of the impressive Internal Security regime of the UAE government?

A. Not only First Security Group, but all of the private security companies are a part of the country’s security program and it should be like this. The responsibility is that of the Ministry of Interior and state security levels. We are a part of them in that we work under their rules and regulations to help them do their job. Since we have come from this background, we understand very well what top do. We are capable and proud to be a part of that.

Q. What are your future expansion plan for FSG considering the present economic scenario?

A. My agenda includes expansion. I believe that there is no limit for improvement and expansion. We learn everyday in life and with this improvement we will grow and expand to give even more quality services. Our current expansion plans include our solid foundation in Dubai. The market is still good in Dubai and there is much work to be done here locally. We will expand regionally and maybe further, but we will continue to strengthen our position in Dubai.

Q: You have been successful in running a premier institution like FSG.  What is your message to young aspiring entrepreneurs?

A. Work hard! I would tell them to be sure of what they are doing and believe in your product or service. Also to be proud of what you are doing regardless of what market segment you are in. Add value to others and make sure you never stop learning… there is no ceiling on improvement.