A Quarterly Newsletter from the UAE and Oman member firms of the PKF International Ltd.

VOL 14, Issue 3 July 2012

PKF International

Int’l Project Of The Year Award 2012

PKF (UK) LLP’s International Projects Group entered its 5 and half year DFID-funded Bosnia and Herzegovina budgeting reform project in the annual competition held by the UK Management Consultancies Association (the representative body for the major consultancy organisations in the UK). The project was shortlisted after an extensive evaluation process, along with projects by BearingPoint, Deloitte and KPMG and, subsequently, announced as the winner of the International Project category due to the positive and sustainable impact it had achieved across a whole country. Photo below shows PKF-UK Partner, Murray Ross (right) and Project Team Leader, Martin Bowen (left) receiving the Award.

Second Member Firm In Japan

Osaka Audit Corporation (OAC), which was established in 1979, has been admitted as the second member firm in Japan. In 2010, OAC was ranked the ninth largest Audit Corporation in Japan by audit revenue, for listed companies. The new firm will trade as PKF Osaka Audit Corporation and work closely with PKF Nakamoto & Co in Tokyo to achieve the network’s strategy for growth, competency and coverage in the Japanese market.

The two firms have set up a ‘Japan Desk’ for inbound referrals, jointly managed by Ms. Miho Ishihara (PKF OAC) and Ms. Shihoko Korenaga (PKF Nakamoto), to ensure that the most appropriate team and office is engaged.

Done One In Korea!

DoOne Accounting Corporation (DOAC) has formally been admitted as an exclusive correspondent in South Korea. A full service firm founded in 1999, DOAC with a complement of 105 professionals including 19 partners, net revenue of USD 10.68 million (31 March 2012) and two offices in Seoul, is currently ranked 12th of the 125 accounting firms in South Korea and is the 11th largest public company auditor.