A Quarterly Newsletter from UAE and Oman

VOL 20 ISSUE 4 October 2018

From the Managing Partner – UAE

Managing PartnerThe theme at this year’s Global Gathering in Cape Town, South Africa, was “Branding Together”, at which the importance of the PKF brand and its continued and consistent worldwide use was re-emphasised.

There were two sessions that really stood out for me. The first was rethinking the client experience, from the client’s point of view, at every “touchpoint”, whether it be the initial contact or on the final delivery of the service. And do not forget the ongoing contact throughout the year. This really got me re-imagining! And I think this has already been taken up by one of the member firms in the UK – PKF Cooper Parry – who “wowed” us with their transformation story from “grey accountants” to “the new geeks on the block”!

The other session that really grabbed my attention was that on “Digital Wisdom”. This session asked us to rethink the roles that accountants and auditors would have in the future, including the qualifications that we may, or may no longer, need.

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